Our  Offices and Partners
MDC UK Office in partnership with Advantage Business Agency is a leading provider of professional services including consulting, accounting, legal and financial services.

MDC Bahrain Office in partnership with Al Hawaj is a household name for top luxury brands both locally and internationally in parfumery, cosmetics, skin care, watches and accessories, travel luggages, electronics, and other products and services.


MDC Morocco Office in partnership with Marita Group is a holding company operating in various sectors such as real estate, renewable energies & energy efficiency, electric mobility, education, and industry. Marita Group operates across the African continent delivering exceptional turnkey building complexes. This vision is based upon strong partnership with the best international partners dedicated to a common goal: Building a smart Africa.


MDC Kazakhstan Office in partnership with Zaman Group is one of the largest financial and industrial groups of the Republic of Kazakhstan. This group has a unique structure and represented by mining, metallurgical and engineering enterprises, manufacturing enterprises, financial organizations and large livestock breeding farms.


MDC Germany Office in partnership with m.Doc leverages the power of technology to improve healthcare standards and expedite effective service delivery. Smart Clinic is platform for both the clinic and the patient. Doctors routinely use our tools to transform their practices into high-efficiency operations by managing insurance coverage, payments, collections, electronic health records and pharmacy expenditures.


MDC Pakistan Office in partnership with Trade Concepts is a service-oriented company providing consultancy to domestic and international entities. It provides services such as export & import consultancy, military contracting, market entry strategy, government backed trade. Their focus is on construction, agriculture, textile, technology, and livestock.


MDC Pakistan Office in partnership with At Jatlee core focus remain on agri commodities.  Having distribution network in East Africa, subcontinents, and ASEAN markets. This company produces, processes, and trade in cotton, wheat, rice, sugar, edible oil, and other staple produce.


MDC Turkey Office in partnership with Capital 247 is an international umbrella company that consists of firms whose focus is on work involving both deal origination and capital investments. Capital 247 focuses on deal origination, subsidiaries, business developments and top level advisory services for selected companies and governments.


MDC Turkey Office in partnership with Tempo is a Tunisian company founded in 2010, and it launched a new generation of aluminum products. Known in the market for their top technical and aesthetic quality, Tempo products are of a new design and successfully constituting a solution for contemporary architectural requirements.

PRONEWTECH – Luxembourg

On November 03rd 2014, PRONEWTECH, Luxembourg and its sub-contractor MDC Group signed a service agreement with SES TECHCOM Services for the implementation of a new teleport project in Doha, Qatar. In this project, the Luxembourgish satellite communications company will support a ES’HAILSAT, Qatari satellite operator in the development of its new teleport facility. This teleport will provide satellite control and communications support for satellites which are going to offer broadcast and broadband services.
MDC group is responsible for providing design services (Architecture, HVAC, Electro, Sewage/plumbing and Landscaping phase) related to construction of teleport building as well as providing Project Management services during implementation phase of the project.

Atlas Group has grown into one of the leading regional companies in the fields of banking,
financial services, insurance, real estate, manufacturing, trade, media, education, culture
and sports, posing as an example for quality and successful businesses in Southeastern Europe.