We help leading agriculture and food companies navigate opportunities and the uncertainties driven by changing global consumer demand, shifting agricultural trends, and digital disruptions. We bring expertise across the agriculture and food value chain to drive business performance and operational improvements, and help clients build capabilities to sustain industry-shaping transformations.

We use Dutch Hydroponics Technology, which is known as the world leader of the greenhouse farming sector, and accomplish all the functions required for the products grown in its greenhouses in full automated process. Natural, healthy and hygienic products are offered to our customers in the domestic and international markets in the countries where greenhouses are located.


We meet expectations of our customers in order to ensure that production process is adjustable, to cultivate quality products that are suitable for human and environmental health by using new technologies for natural production.


Sustainable Agriculture covers the systems and practices for the pruduction of adequate and high quality food, and protection and improvement of agricultural land, farmers, environment and natural resources. We accomplish the principles of Sustainable Agriculture in the open field and hydroponics of agricultural products :
  • Complete prevention of non-reversible changes in the soil
  • Prevent excessive resource consumption by processes such as irrigation during
  • The contribution of cropping activities to ecological balance
  • Produce products that are beneficial to health
  • Preventing bad effects to the ecosystem of the environment, the animal and plant fauna