SES TECHCOM, Luxembourg – PRONEWTECH Luxembourg – MDC Slovenia in the MENA region

On November 03rd 2014, PRONEWTECH, Luxembourg  and its sub-contractor MDC Group signed a service agreement with SES TECHCOM Services for the implementation of a new teleport project in Doha, Qatar.

In this project, the Luxembourgish satellite communications company will support a ES’HAILSAT,  Qatari satellite operator in the development of its new teleport facility. This teleport will provide satellite control and communications support for satellites which are going to offer broadcast and broadband services.

MDC group is responsible for providing design services (Architecture, HVAC, Electro, Sewage/plumbing and Landscaping phase) related to construction of teleport building  as well as providing Project Management services during implementation phase of the project. 

Period of achievement: 11/2014 – 11/2016